Dr.A Elavarasan
CEO -Viveka Academy

About Director

A. Elavarasan was born and brought up in Thanjavur. After completing his Ph.D while that he has successfully done his job by working as NEET faculty for 10 years.  At present, he has been guiding and leading the younger aspirants of competitive exam services in the golden path as a Director of Viveka  Academy- Thanjavur. He has conducted several awareness programs about civil services, Tnpsc exams and also participated as chief guest in various institution like that Agriculture college and Research Institute -Thanjavur, Annai Women Arts and Science College – Karur, Tamil University – Thanjavur, Bharathidasan University College for Women, Orathanadu – Thanjavur etc.., As a part of his service to the society, he has been conducting motivation classes also in number of institution. He writing articles about how to crack the competitive exams in business Tamizhagam Magazine. INDIAN  PEACE UNIVERSITY (Accredited by global Accreditation Council, USA) is pleased to honour  A. Elavarasan with “ LIFETIME ACHIEVERS AWARD-2016” for best contribution in Education.

From the Director’s Desk

I dedicate my all achievement to legend Dr. G. Sridharan. I am very proud to express that.
It is with immense pleasure that I welcome the viewers to visit the Website of Viveka  Academy. This website is storehouse of information about Viveka Academy, its campuses, courses and achievements. Viveka  Academy, Cauvery Nagar, Pudukottai Road, Thanjavur is unique coaching centre, preparing candidates for various examination. Established in 2010 and gradually blossoming into an institution of great eminence, Viveka Academy has achieved and reached important milestones in its journey. The primary purpose of the academy is to provide opportunities for students to pursue a coaching in various competitive exams in State and Central level in India. The Viveka  Academy is now on its efforts towards Potential for Excellence status, Since 2010 this centre is helping ample number of candidates and producing good results. Many of our candidates have topped in the NEET examinations.

Excellence in teaching and advising is paramount to the faculty who have had the experience in the examination and hence can empathize with the needs of the candidates and prepare them for the NEET Examination. To provide quality teaching and proper orientation in each subject.

Our Coaching programme includes test series which is compulsory. The number of objective type tests are conducted. These test are aimed at familiarizing the candidates with the scheme of the examination and train him to overcome the practical difficulties of an all competitive examination.

VIVEKA  ACADEMY is here an outstanding academy to give coaching for the NEET examinations and guide the aspirants in a better way to achieve their goals and dreams of Doctor.
Kindly visit the academy Website or the campus and share your suggestions for innovation and improvement.

Fraternally yours,
Founder and Managing Director

Our primary objective is to create adequate awareness in the aspirants about Competitive Examinations and provide them with a proper, focused and dependable guidance.

A candidate who is a fresh graduate is likely to face certain problems such as,

  •  Choices of the right books to successfully clear the examinations.
  •  Developing his abilities, i.e, The Capacity to write a long, analytical and imaginative essay in an impressive style, formulate and present his answer in the most direct, logical, constructive and analytical manner highlighting the central and salient points.
  •  Developing his personality to display the possession of an amicable, cheerful and optimistic outlook towards life.

We, as a professional and unique educational Institute, specializing in the Civil Services and Tnpsc Examinations provide the candidate with well analyzed and suitable guidance to overcome the problems and develop the required skills to shape his career keeping in mind the difficulties a candidate is might face. Keeping the above as the criteria, we have been following and striving to improve our system of guidance in such a way that it would bring out the best in a candidate so that he could complete his competitive Examination successfully.